Feature stories

What makes a good feature story? It is a special human interest story and appeals to people’s emotional side usually. Writing a feature is like planting a seed and watching it grow into something that affects the reader. I found an oldie but a goodie that I think truly exemplifies what a good feature story should be like.

The article is about Mark Teixeira and his honoring of a cancer patient he met. It is one of the stories that could bring tears to my eyes. It is a wonder how 351 words on a page could have such a huge effect on me. I have never been more of Teixeira fan than I was after reading that article. Because, after a while you start to realize you are a fan of the game for so much more than how well a guy swings a bat. I am a fan of the game for guys like Mark Teixeira. A guy who came to the bedside of a sick kid on one of his last days and made it one of the happiest days of his life.

That is what a feature story can do for you. It can change your life, even for a brief moment, it can play a small role in your life if you do it right.


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