YES please!

How about those Yanks today?

Nothing better than Suzuki scoring on a two-out error in the bottom of the 14th to bring the yanks up one on the O’s!

Which brings me to the point of this blog post…one might wonder where I found this wonderful news? Well, my favorite place to get Yankees news (besides the pinstripe blog I covered last week) is the YES network website! YES is something I truly love about the Yankees. I think the network is something very unique to the New York franchise.

I like it better in comparison to the MLB website only because the redirections are less confusing. When clicking on one thing on the MLB site it can take you to the general page or another team’s page while the YES is specifically only Yankees (as the world should be.)

I love the videos on this website. That is probably my favorite part. They have highlights of the most recent games, classic Yankee moments and even shows such as the Joe Girardi show. In fact, I just watched Jeter’s 3,000th hit again, don’t worry it was still just as good the 36th time around. I love that the website incorporates the network’s shows, statistics, player profiles and fun trivia. What more could a Yankees fan ask for?


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