Don’t Go Mo

So, apparently, Mariano Rivera has hinted that this may be his last season. Yeah, I get it, you are pretty old but don’t leave us yet! I can’t handle the emotional trauma I will suffer when Mo leaves. Well I guess you can say he has left his cleat marks on the dirt though.

Rivera has won the American League All Star Award 12 times and has 5 World Series Championships under his belt. That is a lot of work. Mo (his nickname) is viewed as one of the most important relief pitchers in MLB history!

 “Whatever we need to do, I will do, and it’s pretty much the same as always. We’ve had to fight hard the last couple of years.” Rivera is having vocal cord issues and will have to face surgery. General Manager Brian Cashman can’t speak on behalf of non-baseball related injuries. It is always sad when one chapter ends but I have learned throughout life that just because it ended doesn’t mean that it wasn’t great.

Mo was a great chapter in an entire book of great Yankees and marked his pages by being a great relief pitcher. Just because one chapter ended though, does not at all mean that the book is ending. Many many chapters are still going to be written about so many more great players to come! At the end of the day it’s an honor to wear those pinstripes and if you are a part of that history that started with Babe Ruth then it’s an honor. Even as a fan, I am honored to be a part of such a huge legacy. Derek Jeter put it best “There are a few things with the New York Yankees that never change. That’s pride, tradition and most of all we have the greatest fans in the world.”



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