Weeden2Posada? No, I don’t have my sports confused.

So I was reading some articles about OSU football and ran across an old article talking about how Brandon Weeden being drafted as a Yankee pitcher. It’s insane how my two favorite things (OSU football and the Yankees) are combined into one awesome person! I don’t care how old of a quarterback he is, I think his experience in the MLB truly helped improve his skill as a football player. Shoulder injuries prevented him from continuing his baseball career but his journey led him to a place just as good with just as bright of a future (and that future definitley is a BRIGHT ORANGE).

I loved when Brandon Weeden tweeted about Derek Jeter’s 3,000 hits and how he felt so honored to play with him. With draft picks coming up for the Yankees I hope they are choosing players that don’t exemplify just great talent but also great leadership qualities. I think a huge part of picks is not just based on their ability to play baseball.

With a team like the Yankees you can’t bring in guys who won’t fit in and are in it just for the fame, even though many people think that. You have to bring in players with heart and truly love the game. If not, how can you expect guys without chemistry with eachother off the field, to play well together on the field. Especially in this industry when money can completely warp your mind you have to find players that are passionate for the game not what comes along with it. Brandon Weeden is a genuinely good guy and I hope that there are many more future leaders like him to join the Yankees. Those are the type of the players that turn baseball from a game into a dream for many young boys and those are the type of players I admire for who they are off the field.


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