The dreaded post season post

OK. So here goes the post I’ve been dreading to put up. You know that sad- mopey faithful fan post season rant after we didn’t make it past the first round of the playoffs. Sadly, I didn’t get to post anything during the actual ALDS (you probably shouldn’t have heard words coming out of my mouth at that time anyways). It happens you know, you win some you lose some. That’s the way baseball goes that is just how the game is played.

We played the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS and you know what even I will admit they played a dang good series. I don’t like to admit it but they had a much better pitching game. We had a good season hands-down. You can’t win them all… you can’t win every year.  Nevertheless, it is heartbreaking to see the other team chest bumping and yours do the trying not to show emotion, head hanging and slow motion walk  off the diamond. It is so much worse when you are so so close and can see the comeback right in front of your eyes and then with strike 1…strike 2….strike 3… you are out. The whole season is done, months of hard work over and the gut wrenching realization that baseball season is over for your team. Yes, I sound a little dramatic, but I kid you not this is how big of a deal baseball season is to me. My dad always told me there is no crying in baseball but I have to say I always get a little choked up at the end of a season which is saying something because I don’t cry watching “The Notebook”.Now like I have mentioned I am from Dallas. Which is now home to one of the biggest bandwagons in baseball: The Texas Rangers. I never really liked the rangers but my complete despise for them started last year, when everyone suddenly became a rangers fan as soon as they were winning. It’s really annoying to be from somewhere where baseball wasn’t such a huge deal to BAM all of a sudden every facebook status says “Go Rangers” when my thoughts were “Uhh, when did you start watching baseball?”

Me in the Yankee dugout

Whatever, people can be ranger fans I don’t care but let’s get one thing straight the biggest rivalry in baseball is Yankees and Red Sox. They are nothing without each other. Here’s what makes me mad: Getting on social media after a loss. Red Sox fans…bash away we are true rivals you guys go for it, I understand. Ranger fans… shut up. You are not our rivals don’t criticize the yankees when you cocky people have only been in the playoffs TWICE in MLB history..guess what? We have 27 World Series Championships… don’t even try! It was insane to see how many people were saying “Haha the yankees lost. Haha they suck” well all I have to say is “Haha. You guys are ignorant and must not know anything about baseball if you think they suck.” One of the best parts about baseball is the rivalries but let me make clear the rangers are NOT our rivals, they are by no means on our level. Even a die-hard Red Sox fan who is a friend of mine said ” I’m a Sox fan and it’s annoying me how much crap Rangers fans are talking about the Yanks. Hope the Tigers shut them up.”

Poor Red Sox loving best friend in my Yankees shirt

 As much as you hate a rival, it is important to have them. So you can have moments where you and your best friend (who is a die hard Red Sox fan) make a bet on the outcome  of the game…. needless to say poor girl had to wear my Yankee shirt, which nearly killed her. I think players on our team, such as Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson, earned so much more respect and recognition this season. That’s something to be proud of. We still had the best record in the American League.. we may not be going to the World Series but that is still something to be proud of. Tune in next time when I will cover…oh yes I am going to go there… Alex Rodriguez.


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