How baseball helped to heal a city and the Yankees were a symbol of hope

No one would ever think sports would really help to keep spirits up after such a great tragedy, but somehow when all hope was lost there was something to look to.

September 11, 2001 was a day our nation will never forget. Our nation was attacked. New York City was in shambles. How could a team react to such tragic events? What is their even to say when your home is attacked? The Yankees had no idea how to make anyone feel better but they did what they are best at. They gave hope to fans that needed it. They volunteered and they talked to victim’s families. The team pulled together for the people that they play for. The Yankees had a bigger part in their community than just playing baseball games; they really mattered in that moment for something so much bigger than baseball.

Standing ovations were given to the terrible, hated Yankees in their first game after the 9/11 attacks in Chicago. Fans held signs that said “We are all Yankees.” It seemed the nation came behind the Yankees after 9/11. Usually, when they would travel the fans were split where they hated or loved the Yankees… no in between. This time was different. This time people were looking at the Yankees not as the baseball team they usually don’t like but rather as a statue of hope for a broken city. They were playing for the victims and for the families who were hurting. If they could have them smiling or if there was any they could help to get rid of the grief at all, then they would do it.

They could never fully take away the pain but they gave the city hope, something to keep their minds away from all the pain and tragedy. They lost the World Series that year… but they won so much more. Their fans needed them in this horrible time and the Yankees needed them too.


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