What it takes to be a Yankee fan!

Ok so I am from Dallas, Texas, not the ideal place to live for a dedicated Yankees fan, trust me. Not only do I get criticism for being a Yankees fan in general but it’s a lot worse in the vicinity of Rangers fans. Let’s be realistic though, a lot of people don’t like Yankee fans. The thing about Yankee fans though is that there is a huge base of us all over the country, what other team can truly say they have as many fans as we do?

Being a Yankees fan you will hear the never ending “bandwagon” remark, that all Yankee fans are simply fans because they are winners. I don’t think that is true at all but I guess I am pretty biased. I have heard you are not a real fan of baseball if you are Yankees fan, seriously? I think you are more of a baseball fan if you are a Yankees fan because you are a fan of a team with so much history and a team that helped to make baseball more well-known.

Here’s my idea of what a real fan is made of: a real history with a team that you love. My Dad’s grandpa came to New York on Ellis Island from Poland. He was working in New York City when the Yankees dynasty was being born under Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. If you know anything about baseball then you know they are two of the greatest players to ever walk on a baseball diamond.

The tradition started in my family from there and lives on through a signed Babe Ruth baseball, dirt from the old stadium and a need to know every score of every game. My great-grandpa lived in the time of Babe Ruth, my Dad’s generation worshiped Mickey Mantle and I get to experience Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira. I find it honor to be able to watch these great players and know that I have the pride of the Yankees within me too. It takes a true love of the game to be a fan but it takes a true love for the pride, history and tradition of baseball to be a Yankees fan.


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